The lore of beauty is as ancient as human existence. In every culture and region, potent beauty enhancers of legendary properties have existed. Swiss Tempelle is a modern take of these classic traditions, steeped in wisdom, luxury and nature. Swiss Tempelle believes in beauty being an art form. Made in Switzerland by the renowned Mibelle Group and conceptualized in India by Future Consumer Limited, Swiss Tempelle products are from the perfectly balanced world of luxurious ingredients blended so well that bring alive 'The Art of Fusion'. Although it is one of our youngest brands, every product of Swiss Tempelle is built on decades of research. Each individual ingredient is well documented for its mythical properties and has, for the first time, found a partner that increases its benefits. The outcome for every fusion is a whole new potent beauty formula that was as yet unexplored. Born out of the unique FusionSecretsTM of exotic Swiss ingredients and familiar Indian botanical extracts, the brand's offerings echo the infusion of known beauty secrets into new layers of luxury redefining the art of beauty with rich, lathering body washes & shower gels, spa-like hand and face wash and fragrant lotions, we enhance self-care in a way that is truly indulgent and good for your skin."



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