Aadhar. Four simple letters that once defined marketing's most glamorous face. Where solid minds conceived dependable brands, for a relatively undemanding generation with modest needs.

But times change, and they sure did. Slowly a new restless generation of consumers was born. And all those age-old tubes and cans could never really contain the ambitions of this race of aspirers whose time has come.

We call these new aspirers, the new Aadhar. A fast moving consumer generation that seeks the next - constantly, instantly and fearlessly.

We know them well, this hungry new breed of non-stop aspirers. Because with India's largest retail presence, we keep pace with their relentless supply of dreams, every second of the day in every part of the country.

That is why, we're bringing a whole new world of brands & products that are different and contemporary. From international flavours in humble bhujia to 36 varities of flours for all types of needs. From a variety of new grains & oils to twist in dairy & bakery products. From fusion snacks that are tasty and healthy to wholesome produce. From home care to personal care and from the hinterlands of India and global destinations.

Not surprisingly, we call ourselves Future Consumer Limited. After all, we're here to cater to a generation that is not defined by what it finds today. But by what it seeks tomorrow.

Future Consumer was founded on the belief that a company can succeed only where there is an environment of trust, fairness and respect. This belief has helped us to enhance our employee experience.

Our offices are well equipped with optimum facilities for our people. At Future Consumer Limited (FCL), we have an informal atmosphere and a transparent work environment where every employee is respected and recognized for their work. Our policies, rules, regulations and processes are kept simple to make working with us an enriching and learning experience for our people and our partner companies. We also apply consumer insights in our business models.

  • Groceries

  • Dairy

  • Beverages

  • Personal Care

  • Bakery

  • Snack & Munch

  • World Foods

  • Home Care


At FCL we practice the revolutionary management concept of Holacracy. It enables us to do multiple things at the same time by blending our experience and wisdom with the agility and spirit of a start up.


Hierarchical structures



Holacracy or holistic democracy takes the power traditionally reserved for executives and managers and spreads them across all employees.


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